Friday, 15 November 2013

Review: Revlon moon candy nail art in 280 orbit

I am what seems to be a nail varnish collector lately. I spotted this gorgeous duo in my nearest Boots store a few weeks back and have had it on my mind until now! I decided I'd treat myself to this galactic, cosmos inspired polish. It retails at £7.99 but considering it is two polishes in one isn't a bad deal for a nail art polish. 

I used Rimmel London's Stronger Stay Hard strengthening base coat, and then one coat of the dark purple creme polish. 
The applicator brush is a slim shape and easy to use. The one coat dried fairly quickly and went on smoothly. 

I then applied the glitter flake part which unfortunately was difficult to get a good amount of glitter in the one coat! I was also a bit dubious about how long this would take to dry as it was much stickier than the plain colour was. 

After it dried, I applied another coat to get more glitter onto my nails. I am pleased with the final result but I don't feel that it is as vibrant as I'd have hoped. 

I ADORE the galaxy print themes and galaxy print inspired products and do feel a tiny bit let down. If there was a better amount of glitter in the polish and a less gungy and sticky outcome I would probably purchase another polish from this range.

 As it is, I would recommend it for the gorgeous colours and sparkle, but it could definitely be improved! 

Gingerberry winter smoothie

I have had a killer stomach ache for a few days and I want it gone! Day off from work today, shopping completed and chilly from the wind, I got home and decided to whizz up a warming, stomach settling smoothie!

I used..

One handful of chopped strawberries
One handful of blueberries
Three tablespoons of organic bio vanilla yoghurt
A chunk of peeled ginger; roughly one inch squared
A tablespoon of flaxseed
A generous glug of almond milk. ( a mugful or so)

Whiz this beauty up and serve over ice or with a side of yummy yet healthy nuts as a snack! To me it tastes like ginger and strawberry ice cream.. Love it! Plus ginger is super healthy for tummies and good for settling a grumpy belly. 

Monday, 11 November 2013

Soap and glory smoothie star buttercream review

I am a self proclaimed Soap and Glory fanatic. Their shower gels, body butters and scrubs make me smell delicious. 
Last Christmas I was lucky enough to get more than a few Soap and Glory bits and bobs, including their Smoothie Star Body Milk which I adored. It smelt of sweet flapjacks to me and I enjoyed smelling like a sugary treat all day long.

On a recent visit to Boots I stumbled across the Body Buttercream version and had to treat my little legs to it this winter.

The packaging is just as cutesy and adorable as ever with quirky quotes all over the labelling. The scent is just as sugary and sweet but it seems to smell slightly like marzipan more than I remember from the Smoothie Star Body Milk but that just adds to the sweetness.

The consistency of this is delightfully thick and creamy and you can feel how moisturising it is as soon as you smooth it onto bare skin. 

I flit between moisturisers and they are a favourite purchase of mine to make when I feel like I need a treat. This body butter however is probably my all time favourite and so deserved a product rave. I would recommend it to people who suffer from dry to very dry skin. I use it more or less every day especially now the winter has drawn in; it definitely makes a difference, you'll smell like heaven AND it keeps you super silky and smooth! 

Warming winter blueberry oatmeal

Ever woken up in the winter wrapped in a duvet and unwilling to face the outside winter world? Wake up and get some hot oatmeal warming on the stove and you'll be set for the day, I promise.

This recipe was thrown together one Monday morning where I was very much feeling the winter blues.
You could swap the blueberries for another berry or fruit and equally swap the almond milk for cows.

I made a small bowl of this treat but you could increase the quantities to make it suitable for a larger appetite or more hungry mouths.

5 heaped tablespoons of rolled oats (the old fashioned kind)
Enough almond milk to make a runny soupy consistency in the pan
A handful of blueberries
A tablespoon of flaxseed
A handful of cashews and almonds to sprinkle on top,
And a generous drizzle of honey

Start off by cooking the oatmeal and blueberries in a non stick pan preferably; let it simmer until it has turned into a thicker consistency, it is up to you how this you like your oatmeal so play this by ear. 

 Add in the flaxseed and stir before dolloping it into a bowl and sprinkling with the nuts. 
Drizzle with honey or even jam and eat it up before it's gone cold!

Blueberries are a wicked berry full of vitamin c and antioxidants. Oatmeal warms you and fills you up for the day ahead. Flaxseed is a great source of fibre and almond milk is super healthy and a source of protein! All in all this oatmeal is an excellent way to start off a busy and chilly winter day! 

Sunday, 10 November 2013

Cold and flu busting smoothies

So I've had a killer cold for over a week now and have felt like utter death through my working week. It's got to Sunday and this morning I thought I'd whiz up a vitamin C packed smoothie to do some germ fighting for me! I usually use Greek yoghurt with probiotics or quark for extra protein in my smoothies but with all the congestion I fancied a nice juicy vitamin boost for a change!

Blueberry apple juicy smoothie 

1 banana
1 handful of blueberries (I use fresh but frozen would also do)
1 whole clementine or satsuma 
150ml of cloudy apple juice
1 teaspoon of flaxseed 

Whiz this beauty up and gulp it down to get some needed vitamins for the winter!