Monday, 27 January 2014

New York, New York!

So as I went on a little adventure on the 13th January this year to the Big Apple, I figured I had better upload some of the photos from my travels. New York is never a bad idea! I plan to revisit the city that never sleeps next year for more crazy shopping and sightseeing. Now I know what to expect as compared to London, it really is another world. The grocery store have ALL the american candy and cereals we all miss over in the UK and lets just say my suitcase was feeling alot heavier on the way home thanks to Victorias' secret.. eek.

Above: Herd of elephants at the American Museum Of Natural History

Above: Row of yellow school buses outside the Museum

Above: Traffic and lights at night around fifth avenue

Above: Fog and mist surrounding the 911 Memorial

Above: The survivor tree at the 911 Memorial

Above: View of one of the reflection pools at the 911 Memorial

Above: Names inscribed in bronze surrounding the 911 reflection pools

Above: The top of the empire state peeking out from behind a building

Above: Another misty picture of the reflection pool

Above: A white rose placed in remembrance

Above: Another view of one of the reflection pools in the morning sunlight

Above: Crossing at the Upper Westside central park

Above: Beautiful butterfly from the conservatory at the American Museum Of Natural History

Above: Another shot of a butterfly resting

Above: Misty view of the skyscrapers in the distance

Above: Tree lined road during a rainy day on the way to the museum

Above: The bright lights and madness of Times Square

Above: People dressed up as the Statue Of Liberty in Times Square

Above: Yellow Cabs and adverts in Times Square

Saturday, 25 January 2014

Marks and spencer cheats super green pasta

Marks and Spencer's have a great range of quick and easy sauces, fresh microwaveable veggie packets and loads more convenient products in their food hall. I am a massive fan of their food and so decided to invent my own quick and easy recipe with the help of some of their products.

Everybody can help their minds and bodies from eating more green veg; too many of us fail to eat enough on a day to day basis and green vegetables pack a punch of iron, vitamin K, calcium, potassium and magnesium; among other fancy benefits such as the property to protect our eyes from age related problems. 

Even if you just toss some of the green goodies into a comforting pasta dish like I have below, you're still benefitting from all of the vitamins and minerals. 

To make my super green cheesy pasta, (which serves two) you will need the following;

Two large handfuls of fresh baby spinach
One small packet of tenderstem broccoli 
Three large handfuls of frozen peas
6 cherry tomatoes
Marks and Spencer's Four cheese pasta sauce (in a jar located near to dried pasta)
200g of Marks and Spencer's rigatoni dried pasta

Place the dried pasta into a large saucepan a third full with water and being to the boil. Leave to boil for 12 mins whilst preparing the sauce and vegetables.

Place the spinach and broccoli in a bowl covered in pierced cling film and microwave for 3 minutes (cat D) 2 mins (cat E) 

Heat cheese sauce in a small pan on a low heat until hot; do not allow to boil.

Place peas into separate bowl with a tablespoon of water and microwave for 4 mins. 

Drain the pasta once cooked, then place back into the now dry pan and add hot cheese sauce and cooked green vegetables. Season to taste.

Serve and add freshly sliced cherry tomatoes and a drizzle of virgin olive oil.

A cheaters delicious cheesy vegetable pasta dish! 

Obviously you can swap the cheaters sauce for home made or low fat alternatives, even mixing Philadelphia or another cream cheese would go well with this combination. Try this out or mix it up with alternatives and comment below what you thought! 

Friday, 24 January 2014

Shake shack upper westside NYC

After recommendations from friends, reading killer reviews and seeing mouth watering Instagram photos, I decided to pay a visit to well loved Shake Shack. One of the branches is located in the upper westside opposite the back of the American museum of natural history; a short walk from where I was staying in the big apple. 

Their have an extensive menu of intriguing burgers and frozen custard shakes; what more can any woman want on a rainy day to get some energy for hours of NYC shopping?! 
They even have a separate menu and outside patch of grass for your pampered pooches! 

I ordered the classic "Shackburger" a juicy angus beef burger which was slightly pink in the middle, cheese, tomato, lettuce and their classic "shacksauce" (which was DELICIOUS alone). 
I teamed that bad boy with a serving of their "Skin on" skinny fries which are cooked in 100% soybean oil and are the crispest, tastiest fries I have ever met. To top these beauties off; you can even order them to be smothered in their special blend of cheddar and American cheese sauce.. Are you drooling yet?

Shake shacks' frozen custards are reknowned to be super tasty and have an extensive flavour list, but I opted for a refreshing mix of their lemonade and ice tea mix, commonly known by shake shackers as a "Fifty fifty". Very good too.

This meal amounted to just over $6 I believe; 110% worth it and probably the best burger and fries I have encountered yet. 

If this post has got your stomach rumbling and you're stuck in the UK dreaming of tucking into this American treat; you're in luck as there is a branch of this restaurant in Covent Garden.. so if you're lucky enough to be nearby London, it's definitely worth a trip! 

Otherwise log onto their U.S website and tease your appetite and see what else this tasty place has to offer.
Much love 

Monday, 20 January 2014


So everybody seems to be taking photos of their Starbucks and whacking it on their Instagram account these days.. but what about those random moment snaps with pals and those "happy memory" triggering photos that you have lurking on your account? I recently came across a super cool, super super cute website which creates a magnet board of your 9 all time Insta favourites to slap onto your fridge freezer and gaze at every morning when you wander down for a glass of milk..

Stickygram I found to be extremely quick and easy to use, you just enable it to link up to your instagram and simply click on the nine photos of your choice and then go ahead and order your magnets!
They also do collages for Iphone cases and tablet covers so the insta collage world is your oyster with this quirky company. A perfect thoughtful gift for a close friend or other half I think, they also offer free delivery worldwide which is also a very nice touch from an American website in my opinion.

I have just ordered my first set of these little cuties for a friend and will do an update on how I find the quality and delivery time.

In the meantime however, why not treat yourself to one and enter my promo code.
You can either bag yourself $2 off magnets or $5 off phone cases.


Friday, 3 January 2014

New Year promises and NYC adventures

Hello! I've been away from the blog over the Christmas holidays, frankly being majorly lazy and eating too many Ferrero Rochers and Pringles. But it wouldn't have been Christmas without wondrous pyjama days watching massively cheesy films and eating myself into a food coma. The gym has been long forgotten about for the last few weeks but just like every other Brit I've promised myself I'll be back in there, and, fitter than EVER by the end of January. (Yeah, lets see how that pans out) So, that is one promise to myself for 2014.

But, what about my cliché New Years Resolution?
To be perfectly honest, is simply to worry a hell of alot less. About everything. Relationships, appearance, life in general. After spending far too much time in a ditch with just me and my tosser of a pal, Anxiety, I have well and truly decided that enough is enough.
Let people think what they wish of you and then be happy with yourself. Who else matters?
Nothing is too big to overcome eventually. You are worth much more than you probably let yourself think. It's about time we all had a bit more time just going with things in life and seeing what happens. Like.. me jumping on a big bloody plane and hitting NYC all by myself..? In TEN days time..? Its happening! I'll make sure to write a post on my adventures for three whole days in a city which makes tiny little me seem like an insignificant dot in the bustling city that never sleeps!

So. No more worrying is on my agenda for 2014, whether I will succeed I have yet to discover. Everybody has a little worry now and then but the insignificant things and insignificant people? We don't need your shit. Goodbye and Goodnight.