Monday, 23 June 2014

Adventure in Amsterdam

Quirky, narrow streets full of tall, beautiful buildings; filled to the brim with history. The streets of this city are undoubtedly, some of the most delightful and interesting streets to walk through. From the bustling and fascinating red light district, to the quaint, vintage pop up shops in the West of the city, there is so much to take in and discover. Amsterdam will astonish you.

Everywhere you take a step. Everywhere you throw a glance. You will see bicycles upon bicycles stacked and patiently awaiting their owners. Children grin as they are pulled along behind their parents in wooden trailers on the way to kindergarten. Dogs lol their tongues in the wind as they hitch a ride in a basket perched on the front of the bicycle. It's the traditional Dutch way to get around. You can easily hire one and join in too..

Wander through the city on foot and you will spy lots of unique places to stop by. Tiny shops stack their wares on the streets on rickety trestle tables and the like; vintage inspired collectables, potted succulents, antiques of all sorts and unique clothing brands are found here, like hidden gems nestled throughout the slender streets of the city.

Kitsch, boutique clothing shops can be scouted out, such as The Darling, who invite you in for tea and a cupcake, whilst you browse their on trend rails of clothing and admire the adorable retro interior. The worn streets that line the city are home to so many individual and exclusive places to shop; you really have to explore every nook and side street to find these enchanting places.

The canal views are quite frankly, breathtaking. If there is one thing you do whilst in Amsterdam make it this; grab a coffee to take away and warm a Stroopwafel on the top. Sit with a friend, partner or just by yourself and dangle your legs over the side of the canal. Sit in the dappled shade under a tree; take in the sound of passing bicycles and admire the sun glistening on the surface of the canal. Breathe in this city and it's history.

Thank you for reading, I hope that you enjoyed this peek into one of the worlds most famous cities.
Have you ever visited Amsterdam? What part of the city would you be eager to explore?
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  1. Those pictures are amazing!Great post dear!:)

  2. Thank you! Amsterdam is beautiful. :)