Sunday, 5 October 2014

Happy little things

When you follow the same routine every single day, noticing the little things that make you smile can become something that gets overlooked. Read on to find out what little things in life make me feel happier and bring a smile to my face..

A coffee-shop cappuccino in the morning.

Coordinating underwear. 

Silly moments with loved ones.

Brand new socks. 

Good lighting. (Fellow bloggers will definitely agree with this one!) 

Freshly washed bedding. 

A really, really good book.

Newly painted nails. 

Bubble baths. 

The smell of clean laundry. 

Climbing into bed after a bath/shower. 

Receiving something exciting in the post. 

Afternoon naps. 

A new pair of pyjamas.

Friendly animals. 

Wrapping up gifts for friends. 

Having deep conversations with people who can relate to me. 

Being cosy in bed whilst it's raining outside. 

Dark chocolate. 

Shopping. (Of any kind..) 

A perfectly crisp Granny Smith apple. 


Planning trips abroad. 


Walks outdoors. 

Making lists and completing them. 

Using a brand new mascara for the first time. 

Taking off my make up before bed. 

Putting on my pyjamas after a long day. 

Crispy bacon and avocado bagels on a sleepy weekend morning. 

Some of these may seem cliché, but all of these little things really do make me feel happier or cheer me up; so I'm sure there is at least one thing on the list that you can enjoy too. It's good to remember that sometimes the tiniest things can make a big difference to your mood and the moods of others around you also...

Feel free to comment below with your favourite little things to do or experience and as always, I'll be sure to reply and check out your blog too, if you have one! 


  1. I love hot showers and getting into snuggly pjs, watching my favourite videos, christmas candles and seeing my friends :)

    Lauren x
    Britton Loves | Lifestyle Food Fashion Beauty -

  2. I love all of those things too! The best parts of Winter are the cosy moments and spiced scents ^_^ x

  3. always the best parts about winter minus the cold you get of course