Friday, 10 October 2014

Warrior or Worrier?

Oh, we all know it. That feeling of impending doom, those heartbeats getting faster, louder; that feeling of one thousand snakes writhing in your stomach. We all worry. We all feel anxious at one point or another in life, after all; life is stressful no matter who you are. The problem is, some of us deal with it better than others. 

Some of us have that nervous feeling in our tummies more often than we probably should. Many of us wonder what we can do about it.. well, it's having the strength and patience to really work on anxiety and worrying that will make the biggest difference to your life. You have to be prepared to be a warrior and find the strength and self belief if you want to stop being a worrier!

 I have suffered from anxiety for as long as I can remember and I know all too well just how it can affect you on a daily basis and turn your world upside down. I have spent the last few years battling with my anxiety, panic attacks and eating disorder. It's not easy, you need support from as many people as possible yet unfortunately you will find that some just can't quite understand. It's not just "worrying", it can be hopeless days and night where your anxiety gets the better of you and at times, you don't know what to do with yourself.

Anxiety can come hand in hand with depression and those dark times are only deepened by constant anxiety and feeling of worthlessness. Sometimes it feels like a vicious circle, you worry about going out with friends.. so you stay at home then feel no better because you are missing out whilst others have fun. The thing to remember is that you can and will overcome feelings like this and with support from yourself and others around you, in a few years you will be able to look back and be astonished at how much you have accomplished in battling your anxiety.

 Nurturing and helping yourself is one of the most important and helpful things that you can do. As adults or teens in a busy world, we can be incredibly unkind to ourselves and sometimes, you should take the time to wonder "what would I say to a friend who was struggling with a panic attack or anxiety?" Of course, you would try to be reassuring, patient and kind; so treat yourself in that way from time to time instead of getting aggravated and disappointed with how you feel.

In the world that we live in, it's no surprise that so many people struggle with anxiety. We forget that we're not the only ones who have panic attacks, anxiety or depression. We are forever pushing ourselves to the limit, going out of our way for others and often juggling work and home life, with very little down time...

Take time out for yourself and remember that in order to be healthy, mentally and physically, you need to rest once in a while and make the most of the down time when you do get it.

Overcoming anxiety isn't something that happens over night, you really need to work on your way of thinking and practice mindfulness to beat it. I still have loads to work on but five things that can help me during a particularly anxious time would be:

  • Mindful meditation or listening soothing music/sounds (the sea, rain or forest noises)
  • Taking myself outside and breathing in some fresh air
  • Watching a favourite Youtuber or chatting to friends online
  • Trying my best to think logically and not over analysing situations 
  • Reassuring myself that the panic or anxiety will pass

Today is world mental health day. I really felt like writing a little post on this topic and sharing what helps me during anxious times, as I know so many people who it may benefit! I hope that I can either help others with these little snippets of advice, or at least let people know that they are not alone with how they feel.

I spend an awful lot of time on social media now that I run this blog and very often see remarks and comments which humiliate those who suffer from anxiety and more often, eating disorders. 
Mental illness is not a joke and those who have or are suffering from any illness, whatever it may be; do not need to be judged or belittled by small minded people. Be supportive, be understanding and most of all, be patient with others and yourself. We all have such demanding, hectic lifestyles these days that we all could benefit from extra support from others!

I would love to include more personal and serious posts such as this, so if you enjoyed it, make sure that you comment below. If I get lots of positive feedback, I will certainly start to incorporate more well-being posts for you guys!

Happy Friday lovelies, I hope that you all have a great weekend.



  1. I love this, I have suffered with depression and still with anxiety. I'm really try to change things now and your postseason made me think so much about it and how I want to get better and I will xxx

  2. Any illness is real, and should be respected and recognised. I hope you are able to live a full and balanced life daily through your personal struggles, and bravo for being another blogger to focus on these issues. I worry a lot about life etc but I also focus on clearing the negative and the past by focusing on sorting out clothes, listening to music or thinking of fun things

    Lauren x
    Britton Loves | Lifestyle Food Fashion Beauty -

  3. I totally relate to this post. Thinking about work makes my anxiety the worst it can be. I always go through my fave blogs and you tubers when I feel down!


  4. love your advice and i totally agree with lauren S.

  5. Great post! I have definitely had moments like that and its all about how you choose to handle the moment at hand. Great advice!