Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Eating clean with Natural Balance Foods

Hello lovelies! So these last few weeks I have been getting back on the gym and clean eating grind, so finding healthy alternatives to snack on has been a little challenging...

Luckily for me, the guys at Natural Balance Foods have helped me out. They've sent me some of my favourite cereal bars to keep handy and to try some of the new flavours that they have recently released!

I have always been a big fan of the Nakd bar line-up; these bars are packed full of completely natural ingredients and definitely satisfy a sweet tooth. For someone who has previously been gluten-free and likes to cut down on dairy and wheat anyway, the Nakd bars being wheat and dairy free is a definite saviour. They're free from added sugars which is incredibly good to see in a snack bar. So many cereal bars that I pick up, I take a peek at the nutritional value and my mouth drops open at the amount of sugar and nasties I find have crept into the ingredient list...

I am totally rubbish at sticking to snacking throughout the day. Maintaining a healthy weight means you need to snack, to keep fuelled for exercise and the day ahead but without reaching for junk like a chocolate bar or sugary cereal. Switching to a healthier alternative isn't easy. I really dislike the plain, dry cereal bars on the market at the moment. Nakd bars are different. They're a chewy, fruit and nut based bar which I personally think is unlike any other cereal bars I have tried. I have always found these to be packed with flavour; my favourite bars so far have to be the newer "crunchy" bars. These babies have protein crunchies blended into the mix to give the chewy bars a little bit of a crunch! Oh and they're definitely not plain and dry, one of the big benefits of using real fruit... Yum.

The nice thing about these bars is also the fact that there is such an enormous and inventive range of flavours available. Flavour diversity is a big must for me and this brand definitely delivers. Chocolate orange, Bakewell Tart, Pecan pie, Cashew Cookie... the list goes on and trust me, you won't get bored with such a wide variety.

Clean eating is all about eating, well, clean? So that means no additives, cutting out processed foods and sticking to naturally flavoured and naturally sweetened goodie when you do want to treat yourself. Nakd bars with their natural ingredients are a really easy way of picking up a little something and knowing that it isn't overly processed, artificial junk. Going back into training at the gym is really exciting for me as it was always something I previously really enjoyed, so I am super eager to get back on track with working out; but nutrition is equally important. You can't spend time pushing yourself at the gym to come home post-workout and pick up a snack which is full of junk... You're simply cutting yourself short.

What guilt-free snacks do you enjoy pre/post workout or when you're trying to eat healthily? Let me know below!

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